Marty White Elk

Marty White Elk has been dedicated to glass art since 1993. He and his family have lived in the Colorado Rockies for over 25 years. His work is described as “White Elk’s Visions in Glass” and they are visions, indeed! Marty White Elk has studied colors and their effects on people for 24 years. He mixes precise colors and patterns to promote healing and to generate health. White Elk has an artistic interest in water and how it moves as well as its relationship with light, rainbows, and use in various healing arts. He brings this interest into his handmade glass creations.

Marty White Elk’s small studio is located next to his family mountain cabin where he creates one-of-a-kind works of art in glass. He makes amazing chandeliers, glass bowls or plates that can sit on a flat surface or can hang on a wall as art. White Elk also creates vases, goblets, urns, and more! His technique is a form of glass blowing known as “offhand blowing” and is done with no molds or any grinding. The pieces are formed with simple tools directly in the hands of the artist. These Visions in Glass look amazing as a solitary work or as grouping, creating a new unique display of glass art.